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“I’m more worried about economic collapse and the rise of the Fascist state at home , than the idiot in chief pushing the button …”

Me, too, as far as that scenario goes. But something major is afoot with virtually all of Europe turning into Eurabia. My overheated imagination makes me think this, er, … takeover(?) is being coordinated at a level above the individual nations. The vast majority of domestic citizenry doesn’t welcome an occupying army of refu-jihadis, even if they did leave their heavier arms in Syria, Iraq, or Sudan. So, who is calling the shots?

My feverish little brain thinks the banksters want an eventual (and profitable) showdown war between the Islamic State, and the USA, and wonders if this is might not be the eventual way for the IS to get control of the industries which produce the arms they’d need for a world takeover attempt. After all, they have no factories: a plunder-based culture doesn’t sully its hands with physical labor — it steals what it wants, or steals enough from someone, to buy it elsewhere. The Euro-transformation is a way to steal the whole productive operation. Frankistan and Deutschistan could make some really cool weapons. However the global machinations go, the world would end up less free, and concentrated in fewer hands — the hands of those with the power to order up the kind of multinational insanity we see.

Okay, <RANT/off>

Cry, "Treason!"