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I’m not convinced that the world’s “leaders” are worried that the earth will suddenly run out of oil within their lifetimes and/or terms of office. If anything, just like many of our domestic high-cost fracking operations, Putin’s temporarily sweating a worldwide glut (from Russia’s economic POV), since they can’t match the Arab competition at their cost of production. (Also, nobody ever ‘splained to me how those dinosaurs managed to get a mile or two under the oceans to decay into petroleum, which floats in sea water — but that’s a different discussion.)

Cooler heads than Zero’s don’t want the world to go up in flames, just now, and i think that includes even Putin and Xi. Do they want to hold on to power? Of course. Would they mind conquering us, if they thought they could do it? Not at all. Do they feel particularly froggy, right now? Probably not. I think they expect us to do ourselves in, given the kind of “leadership” we’ve been “electing,” and the way our national fortune has been falling, lately, and they’d rather wait, and haggle over the remains, than get all covered in radioactive dust. From my standpoint, both Putin and Xi played the “communist” game, when they needed to, but neither of them has tried to return to a textbook Marxist/Leninist/Stalinist/Maoist economic model.

They’ve evidently learned (by watching us, or by listening to Henry Kiss-of-Death?) that sheep-control can be maintained without slaughtering the whole flock, and you can sleep a whole lot easier when your “associates” are econo-weenies instead of bona fide torturers and assassins.

Cry, "Treason!"

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