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I don’t think Assad suits their purposes either, long term. I suspect they’ll work to get rid of him if/when they can stabilize that country and help install the next useful dictator. Assad just serves a temporary purpose. Plus I think Vladimir “gets” it, after Iraq, Libya, and Egypt – they don’t need another disaster area with NO leadership where Syria is located. They learn their lessons, even if vicariously through the US’s stupidity (and this country WANTS our former Secretary of State to continue forming foreign policy?!?) Besides, if the Russians helped arm and train our rebels (us?), it wouldn’t be in their best interests. Now, if Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth (0.00005% Native American). Warren were leading the revolution, that might be in their best interests. But that would have to mean a Republican would have to win first, for them to be the “freedom fighters.” Plus, the libs would certainly need a lot of arming and training, seeing as how they’re so anti-gun and terrified by even a 1½ inch plastic Cracker Jack toy gun, or a hastily scribbled crayon drawing by a first grader on a piece of wide-lined writing paper!