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RedStone – were you part of a young farmer sort of ‘program’ that you found these couples? Just curious. Read and been approached about doing something like that recently – sounded good. But my experience as an employer has made me skeptical.

Anyway, I feel exactly the same way about the strength, stamina, endurance, work ethic and sheer will (we won’t even mention the desire to be satisfied with a good days work doing one’s best). I don’t like to make generalizations about anyone and paint all with the same color brush, but unfortunately I haven’t met too many younger folk to sway my thoughts. I own a business. Since the late ’90’s it became increasingly difficult to even find a teenager that wants an after school job or would work on a weekend! Or, that parents encouraged to do so because they wanted their kids to have a childhood. No basic manners. No common sense at all. THAT is the rarest of commodities in my opinion. Coming to a job interview in your pajama bottoms you went to school in, dragging your boyfriend with you and texting as you mutter your name under your breath? Don’t bother sitting down – thanks! Really. Amazing. I am in my late 50’s and first of many chores yesterday was hauling 12- 50 lb bags of water system salt up then down a set of steps. I hire retirees – don’t even bother looking at teenagers applications. One college age girl however was and still is the exception to what I have found. Great parents.

If I didn’t need to stay close to the house for the last few days I wouldn’t have much time to be on the computer typing (excuse me its ‘keyboarding’ now – laugh – God I am becoming my mother! Chuckle.) Don’t watch TV.

Agree – sometimes ‘no help’ is way more productive and useful. Sorry to hear about the degenerative disc issue – at present, thankfully, I am still just dealing with painful hands/feet issues/surgery.

‘This leave little time to waste on those who are not serious about life or continued living, during and after SHTF.
So for those of us who can not be a group, do not despair. You will be amazed what 1-2 people can do with skills, creative problem solving and shear determination will accomplish.’ – Totally agree.