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Be careful just how upset you get with New Mexico. There’s FAR more to the issue than just what’s reported there. It involves the REAL ID law. Notice that only Washington and NM are in “non-compliance.” Go back a few years and research the REAL ID law. I was infuriated when my own state finally caved in and complied. It meant a mandatory fingerprint and photo on my ID card that masqueraded as a drivers license. All that, and more, was encoded on the strip on the back. Who KNOWS what all is in there – I can’t even find out when I go on a military reservation not too far from where I live to visit a friend – they won’t TELL me what comes up on the scan, nor would our DMV tell me when they first required me to have my fingerprint encoded into that strip. Cops can’t even see the fingerprint, but the feds can, electronically.

I maintain that NM should be applauded for holding out and telling the feds what dark, moist, odoriferous place they can propel their REAL ID cards. Somebody in NM has still got more pelotas than 48 of the other states. This is all part of a MUCH larger plan, and the spin is now in a different direction than it was when they wanted to arm-twist states into compliance.