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WWIII? Certainly possible. But some of us older folks well remember US and Soviet submarines actually bumping into each other, fly-bys that would make the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds look like timid amateur pilots, and serious games like nukes in Cuba vs. the blockade. What’s going on now is just posturing.

Oh – could mistakes happen? Certainly. And I can certainly agree with Tolik that if it does happen, it will likely be our side. I think Putin is FAR less likely to make that kind of mistake. One thing he is not, is inexperienced in either life or military/intelligence operations. Obama has gotten rid of some of the best and brightest military minds (though his predecessors did some of that too), he has ZERO experience in true crises, and there were even unconfirmed reports that he wasn’t even IN the situation room when the decision was made and executed to kill bin Laden (assuming that really happened when and how they claimed).

I also agree with Tolik that if Revolution II was ever needed, it is absolutely now (if not too late already). Sadly, I don’t believe it could be successful, both because too few would join in. Too many have been lulled by public education and the media, and very few have ever fought for this nation (or any of the causes that our government has said were “for our freedom”). Few are prepared to resist the superior force that could be launched. Oh, a guerrilla war could be waged that would disrupt a whole lot of things, but with success in toppling the current government? I don’t expect that would happen. And even if it did, who would stabilize the nation then, with race wars that would most certainly also ensue? And who would ensure that free and fair elections would ever be able to happen again in any reasonable time frame? If they didn’t, who would be the acting dictator, and who would that work? My fantasy is very sweet. Reality says my fantasy is just that – fantasy. I think we’ve gone too far, and we’ll just have to ride this one out and pick up the pieces of a much larger disaster than just the overthrow of the current government that perhaps our fantasies would cheer for.

Oh – and as for our behavior around the world that Tolik referred to, how would WE react if we decided to fill in parts of the Gulf of Mexico to establish land-based drilling platforms instead of floating ones, and China sent military ships and planes over around our projects? Yet we’re surprised when they react to us in their neighborhood?!? Of course I know it’s also about the stability of that whole region, the safety of Japan and the Philippines, etc. But we’ve been messing with regimes in our half of the world for far more than a century, so why are we behaving in some superior, self-righteous manner?

But no, short of a really stupid mistake on our part, and short of “Lil’ Kim” or Iran managing to lob one over our nation’s mid-section to create an EMP that wipes out the nation, I don’t see us getting into WWIII quite yet. That may come as the result of the major breakdown in social and economic order when all those walls come tumbling down, and we “need” a good war to somehow resurrect ourselves (figuratively, not literally, though that may not be far off either).

For all its faults, I don’t think Chinese leadership is THAT dumb, nor certainly is Putin. Obama? I don’t think he’s “dumb” in the sense of IQ. But he’s playing a very different game, USING the other players for his own personal, grossly narcissistic agenda. I just don’t think he’s stupid enough to push the button – first. (By the way – if you don’t think this nation has ever had nuclear weapons targeted for our own cities, think again. As Alan Stang used to say at the end of his broadcasts, “Think about it!”)