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We did watch the “debates” last night. It was interesting in a totally unexpected way. I fully expect bias on the part of the “moderators.” What I was unprepared for was the degree of outrageousness of some of the questions directed at the candidates, and the outright lying involved with some of the questions and moderators’ statements. It was a major step beyond anything I’ve ever seen in the past. I expected it to be qualitatively different than the softballs carefully tossed to the Democrat candidates recently. But this was really blatant – the audience booed a number of times at the moderators! Some of the candidates did play some petty and even destructive “games” with other candidates, and depending on who becomes the nominee, that could be beautiful ammunition for the Democrats – just plain dumb! But the media bias was so blatantly obvious that I honestly wondered if the candidates would briefly huddle at the first break and agree on a cue that would signal their mass walkout from the debate stage, with no return. I frankly would have loved that, leaving CNBC with dead air time to fill for the next hour+. Sadly, it didn’t happen. So, we were left with another exercise in learning almost nothing about details of candidates’ positions on substantive issues (not that most of them would hold to those positions anyway, just as Jeb’s daddy did with his “read my lips” pledge).

What’s absolutely clear, however, is that the media is indeed selecting the next President of the United States by carefully destroying everyone else. Otherwise, why was Hillary not confronted by the media, and why is there no reporting of the email to Chelsea right after Benghazi that it was an Al-Qaeda attack, while Hillary, Susan Rice, and Barack Hussein Obama were all still lying, saying it was because of a video? In other words, the Benghazi hearings were, just as scripted, simply another few pages of dead-serious political theater. In the meantime, the public eats up what they’re fed, swallow it hook line and sinker, vote for the “only obvious” acceptable candidates in all elections, and we can cue up Sonny and Cher and listen to another round of “And the beat goes on, and the beat goes on.”

Why do I bother? My conscious mind tells me it’s so I can honestly say I know what’s going on, and can therefore make my own best choices. Meanwhile, my subconscious mind tells me I already know full well what’s going on, and I’m wasting my time watching any of it, and could better use the time prepping, just having some fun, reading a good book, spending more time with the very nicest person I’ve ever known (my wife), finishing or working on any number of unfinished projects, etc., instead of wanting to hurl a sharp, heavy object at the TV we paid good money for, or utter words I gave up 39 years ago. And my conscious mind replies by lowering my head in embarrassment and saying softly in a depressed tone, “I know … I know ….”

It’s getting harder and harder to find too much I don’t agree with in this piece from this past weekend: “Doug Casey’s Top Five Reasons Not to Vote.”

What was at one time at least partially right about the Republican Party has long since disappeared, and that’s a period of decades, not months or years. I see them as just as corrupt as the Democrats. As long as virtually all political parties are able to be funded by corporate or PAC money, and as long as election law disallows any real and meaningful 3rd party participation, and indeed as long as it IS a party-based system, it will inherently be about money and power. And having little of either, it certainly doesn’t benefit me or almost anyone I know.