If there is a WW3 , I have no doubt in my mind that it will be OUR fault . if ever there was a need for another Revolution , it is now . The excuses that are given about US interference around the world are absurd , very few are legit . When you start to become a Self-Rightious nation , instead of a Righteous nation , bad things happen .
attitudes sometimes remind me of that dumb a$$ Japanese soldier that was still fighting WW2 in 1974 , lets see here ……………he lives like a rat in the jungle , has had NO indication of any hostilities for 30 years , you would think that maybe , just maybe , a person would pull their head out of their a$$ , take a good look around , and ask a few questions ? Just sayin . Duty is one thing , mental illness is quite another . THe Japs make him a hero instead of saying ” Whats wrong with you !!!! ”