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A huge, huge thing just happened in the House this week – passage of an absurd 2-year budget coupled with raising of the debt limit, putting all such issues beyond the 2016 election. Yet it’s receiving relatively little coverage. Instead, we’ve been hearing all about the upcoming CNBC Republican “debate” that finally happened last night, what Trump is saying about Carson, what Lindsey Graham is saying about both of them, and now, the BIG ONE: the grand and glorious new Speaker of the House who, just moments ago, finished his acceptance speech and took the oath of office from a member of the loyal opposition. I suspect they’re hoping that the “scandal” (depending on which fake news network is reporting) of impeaching Koskinen will take up more air time. The idiocy of the runaway spy blimp took up air time yesterday when they needed filler, along with another university shooting, etc. Now they’ve got all they need to bury this budget/debt ceiling deal as deep as possible – almost (they still have to get it through the Senate, and Rand Paul said last night he’s going into filibuster mode.

The more fake hornets nests the better – all camouflage and smoke to hide the real disaster created out of this absurd political theater. The country has been shafted yet again, with the can kicked further down the road. The end of the road is within sight, but there is a sheer cliff at its end. And this latest budgetary/debt deal is a huge kick that will send the can off the edge of the cliff where the road suddenly ends. It’s going to be a long, long way down.

The US will join Europe, Africa, and much of the rest of the world in chaos. And the American people will wonder what happened ….

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baby, you know, you know, you know you just ain’t seen nothin’ yet
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And if the other countries think they’ve got it bad now, just wait until the “strongest” currency in the world goes down the tubes. There will be a domino effect such as has never even been conceived in the minds of man. It will be of Biblical proportions — I suspect quite literally.