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“[T]here certainly is a big difference between “our” immigrants vs. the hordes that are invading Europe. But I don’t believe they will simply be assimilated in a generation or two like Irish Catholics, Poles, and others have been in generations past.” — GeorgiaSaint

There is a world of difference between coming here to “join up” and coming here to “cash in.” Many of them blame us for their poverty, albeit they live on our taxes, since they were raised in a failed socialist/communist state, where the few rich own nearly everything. (Mexico officially became a communist nation eight months before Russia.)

Quite a few of the recent arrivals despise us thoroughly, but only a few are willing to risk their freebies by drawing the attention of the law. I would characterize them as “biding their time,” waiting for when their combined “weight” at the polls may finally tip the balance of power permanently in their favor, and they can do with us what they will, unimpeded by La Policía. May they grow too old to carry out the venganza they plan, and their children grow up too assimilated to do it for them.

Cry, "Treason!"