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There is also a very big difference between Central American/Mexican immigrants and the Islamic onslaught happening in Europe. The Central Americans/Mexicans will largely assimilate in a generation or two

The first part of that statement I agree with – there certainly is a big difference between “our” immigrants vs. the hordes that are invading Europe. But I don’t believe they will simply be assimilated in a generation or two like Irish Catholics, Poles, and others have been in generations past. The Central American and Mexican refugees have been raised for multiple generations in either increasingly socialist societies (South and Central America especially), or simply downright corruption (especially but not exclusively Mexico). Too many of them are bringing those mindsets with them, and despite honest intent of many, this country immediately hands them food, medical care, education in their own language, subsidized or free housing, drivers licenses (and now in California particularly, the “right” to vote as a result). “We” have fostered a culture of entitlement, with no requirement to truly invest in the US culture or particularly political system. Our political system will be used to help “fundamentally transform” (be chilled at that quote from 2008!) our political and social order (and don’t forget that that’s THE fundamental strategy mentioned not once but twice in Marx’ and Engels’ “masterpiece” in the final chapter that covers a mere 3/4 of one page).

As for Obama, there is much internet hype about the Muslim and communist influence in his life as a child and adolescent. However, the documentation, and the relationship lines, are astounding once one spends some time fact-checking all those accusations. The political leanings of his grandparents is well established, and the selection of Frank Marshall Davis as Barack’s “mentor,” starts it off. Before you get done with it – if that’s even possible, you end up with massive connection with Chicago for starters, as well as many names directly and closely associated with this President – powerful names such as Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod. Frank Marshall Davis is THE pivot point for all of that cluster and sphere of influence, and it’s truly wide-eye opening once it’s tracked down and put down on paper. “Chilling” is also an appropriate description. Anyone that wants to can dismiss that with the Alinsky-esque response that “that’s just racist, fringe, right wing conspiracy cr@p.” But they either know otherwise, or are too lazy to actually track down the claims, discard the trash associated with some versions of it all, but then also to cross-reference and track down solid evidence.

To do the substantial research thoroughly is to come up with very solid evidence that Obama is almost unmistakably operating on far more just than the inner conflict of his admittedly troubled childhood. The philosophical influence of minds like Marshall’s, Jarrett’s, Axelrod’s, and others, cannot have been inconsequential in Obama’s growth and development. Oh, I don’t doubt that he would be very happy eliminating any “white” influence in this nation. I just don’t believe that is his only motivating force. I believe it’s much more sinister than that, and destruction of the ideals embodied in the original structure of our grand political experiment is not outside of his plan. I did not comprehend how deep it went when he first ran, even though I did not trust him. But what has developed over the past eight years has been stunning, to me. His stated goal of “fundamentally transforming” this nation should have been taken quite literally, and at its deepest level of meaning. Just my 2¢, but I’m hangin’ on to it!