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This discussion could be moved to the Religion & Faith topic area.

74, I appreciate that thought and initially briefly considered it, but decided against it. I fully recognize that it could be fascinating, and could possibly generate a good bit of discussion. But it goes very deep, and is a subject at that depth that I’ve only discussed with a handful of people (maybe two, since over time the number could require slightly more than one set of fingers to count) on a purely individual basis, face to face. I have some very strongly developed beliefs in that area, but also find it a subject that I think is unwise to discuss in much detail in most cases, and certainly with any degree of frequency. I would also have to know a good bit about anyone with whom I discussed it.

I now spend very little time even thinking in that direction – it is not good for the soul. Therefore, it’s generally best to stay away from such discussions and thought processes – that’s the conclusion I have come to over many years of experience. I admit it can be intellectually fascinating and stimulating, but such is the nature of many things in life that are not good to engage in. So I chose to take a pass at expanding the topic in the Religion & Faith area, and only mentioned that I firmly believe that fundamental evil exists, and needs to be recognized as such. My comments to Whirlibird about how to deal with it are sufficient for my purposes.

As for your thoughts on Obama, see my comments below to MB.