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Fundamentally evil?
Spend some time conversing with a child molester and you’ll know how accurate that statement is.

WB, I have considerable experience interviewing such people, as well as dealing with the aftermath. Your statement could not be more accurate. A former district attorney once presented at a forum on child abuse that was significantly attended both by mental health professionals and law enforcement. In a manner that many would simply see as stereotypically representative of Southern (US) sheriffs and DAs, when it came his time to speak on the panel, he simply said, “The only effective treatment for a child molester is a Smith and Wesson aspirin tablet between the eyeballs!” He shut up and all the social workers were horrified! He went on to be a very successful, no-nonsense judge. And little did almost anybody there realize how right he was. (I recognize that there are some that were, through no fault of their own, molested as children and who later go on to do the same kinds of things as part of the horrible aftermath that devastates innocent victims’ minds and emotions. Where to draw the line on compassion vs. extermination, I do not know. But I still know that I would NEVER completely trust anyone that reaches adulthood and is continuing that behavior. I do not believe we have the treatment technology to assure “success” and therefore safety of others. And beyond that, I do not know how to separate out those individuals from the fundamentally evil ones. I’ll leave that one to God to sort out beyond this life, and be content to keep them all out of society until then. I directly dealt with that issue too long with too many perps as well as victims to know otherwise. As an aside that you, WB, will particularly appreciate I think, we called those attorneys that represented such people “coperps.” They are the lowest form of lawyer. I know you understand.)

At the same time, and taking nothing away from your statement about that category of people (I simply cannot apply the term “human beings” to them), there are other categories of people that equally lack the characteristics needed to qualify them as human beings in the moral sense of that term. It’s a classification that goes beyond either amoral or immoral, and includes a fundamentally motivating desire/need to inflict pain, horror, and domination beyond the comprehension of real human beings. Some “merely” follow along as perpetrators of unspeakable horrors, others gather up armies of those individuals to reign with blood and horror. The evidence is there. Placing a young pilot in a cage in public, surrounding him with a flammable substance, then trailing that substance out of the cage so he has to watch the flame approaching before it engulfs him, and then posting the video for the world to see, is just one example of that kind of delight – the delight capable ONLY by those who are beyond redemption (either in an eternal sense, or in the more earthly use of the term). Rounding up dozens or more people of all ages and both genders, simply for the sake of brutally torturing them, desecrating their bodies in every possibly way, professionally filming it, and parading the video to the world, is another example. These are people that are fundamentally, irredeemably evil. There can be neither negotiation nor appeasement of any sort with them in any degree. The scriptural account is actually found and/or referenced in several places, but the KJV New Testament account in Rev 12 provides the pattern that will have to be followed on earth as well – one way or another (added highlighting is mine):

7 And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,
8 And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.
9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

Whether one accepts that account as literal or just metaphorical, the lesson is the same. They must be removed from this sphere of existence as well. While they clearly cannot recruit “the whole world,” they “deceiveth the whole world.” Otherwise governments and others would not attempt to negotiate, appease, etc. Let them go meet whatever virgins or unexpected alternate surprises await them. They are incapable of remorse or rehabilitation. As I said previously, they are motivated by a factor people like us simply cannot even wrap our heads around. There are bad people, there are people that do bad things, there are people that make serious mistakes in life. And there is a separate category altogether of fundamental evil. I have no doubt that the individual in Dutch Viking’s 3rd video (the bearded wonder being interviewed in the red or orange shirt that says he “will welcome ISIS army in Europe with open arms”) is one of them. To call him a “refugee” is beyond total B.S. The Trojan horse concept is so very applicable. That video, despite incomplete and flawed translation problems and subtitles, is ironically highly instructive, because at the same time it also should not even be given air time to motivate and attract similar types.