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22 years ago ,
i was still a kid riding the subway down town,
there was this strange gut shouting and walking up and down ….
whe muslims will take over your world..!!! and there is nothing you can do about it !!!,
back than it scared me and looking around me people started laughing to this guy,
making fun of him standing there in his white dress a long beard and sandals….

sinds than i see things go down the tube ….and when i told people about it the where so ignorant,
i was a white racist punk kid with no brains , whe all should embrace other people the told me ,
later when i started sailing comercial shiping vessels and travel the globe …..
i got more and more concerned about the islamic religion …..
now the year 2015 i see a big pile of **** growing and growing ,
that fan getting closer and closer what can whe people do ?
i know some answers butt than i will be getting house calls
and you all know what i mean…..