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Europe is literally committing suicide at the behest of the ruling class. Unless the people rise up and stop it, in a generation or two Europe will have become a collection of Islamic States descending into a new Dark Age. Here in the US the White House is doing its best to destroy the country with unchecked immigration across the southern border and I suspect we’ll soon enough start to see very large numbers of Muslim “refugees”. While there seems to be a common theme there, I’m not 100% convinced what is driving O is the same as what is driving Merkel and the gang. There is also a very big difference between Central American/Mexican immigrants and the Islamic onslaught happening in Europe. The Central Americans/Mexicans will largely assimilate in a generation or two. The Muslims never will. Culturally the US will change somewhat due to the influx of Central Americans/Mexicans but that has always been the case when large numbers of new ethnic groups arrived. There was a time when the US didn’t have much in the way of Catholics or Jews but heavy immigration changed the mix dramatically. The goal of the Central Americans/Mexicans is to get their piece of the American dream, not to fundamentally destroy the country. Coming back to O vs Merkel, I think a good chunk of his motivation is simply the chip on his shoulder having been born black and in his early years raised Muslim, and then transitioning to living in a white Christian dominated country. To the extent he can “brown” America he can reduce the influence of whites in the election booths. To the extent he can increase the Muslim population he can reduce the influence of Christianity. In a nutshell I think he abhors the America that was and is doing what he can to make it truly multicultural.