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this is truly funny the phrase trojan horse came from me i started using it about 2 years ago ,
to warm people about the dangers of islamic refugees and asylum seekers …..
because i already thought about the dangers of north africans (Moroccan) that with open borders easy can bring AK 74 and guns into the Netherlands the Moroccan mafia became more brutal each month the people robbing elderly and disabled persons , robbery,s rapes , and burglars became younger and younger …..and now the politicians all over use this phrase :)

and yes it is a verry evil trojan horse in every way it sounds …..
the normal dutch people cant own a gun (or atleast its verry difficult ) and thugs dont care about rules and laws in holland (they only obey allah and sharia ) already have a big head start ,
if guns are outlawed outlaws will have guns is a verry grim reality …..