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Like Bushrat, my wife is 7 years my senior. I have been cursed with Degenerative Disc Disease and she is 62 with several health issues also. Despite our physical drawbacks, we still make monkey **** out of 20 + year olds. We have burnt out young couples twice now. They lasted only 3 & 6 months on the homestead. Sad to see an older couple out work and have more willpower than those at prime age couples with no health issues. We deal with pain on a daily basis and it is getting harder to do the chores and leaves almost no way to do projects beyond day to day. The idea was to teach and train a young couple(s) in the hundreds of skills and endurance required to survive and maintain and grow a homestead. This was to be beneficial for everyone. With chores done in 1/2 time allows new projects to get done and more relaxation time. That did not even come close. We saved only 20% time off the chores for my wife and I and constantly having to poke and prod them to do their share. One couple was even planning how they were going to use my building supplies I had salvaged over many years. This put me in a warrior state of mind and started my orange alert plan in motion.
So, we pretty much gave up on finding like minded and fellow survivalist. There a few Rambo warriors around (a danger to themselves and others), but can not work a real homesteader’s day.
It may be said a group is the only way to survive SHTF. It may only be after the lazy and Rambo /psychos get killed off will that hold up. Those who remain after the waves of death and destruction, will be of tougher stock and be glad for safety and salvation from the mad max world.
We have not yet closed the door ( but may do so very soon). But we are even more cautious now as the shoe is about to drop soon (before 2016 in all likelihood). This leave little time to waste on those who are not serious about life or continued living, during and after SHTF.
So for those of us who can not be a group, do not despair. You will be amazed what 1-2 people can do with skills, creative problem solving and shear determination will accomplish.