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GS, my theory is that in the echelons of power Ambassador Stevens and the others that died are viewed as mere collateral damage necessary for the achievement of some higher purpose.

MB, hammer squarely meets nail head. My beliefs exactly.

I’m simply not willing to roll over, give up entirely, and go on in life like 90+ percent of the population that is clueless, and basically doesn’t care – as long as they still have their 3-square per day (and then some), gas in their tanks, and adequate medical care, regardless of who’s paying for it. Oh – and plenty of entertainment.

I’ll take peace, security, and freedom. Unlike the 90+ percent (but probably like the few percent here), I take personal responsibility for providing those three things for myself and my wife – and will vigorously pursue (and defend) all three in appropriate ways.

My sister knew Chris Stevens, and described him as a very decent person who truly loved the people of North Africa. Anyone who doesn’t appreciate (and protect) that kind of decency is truly evil. Treason has its consequences, and I have to trust that in the end – whether this life or beyond – those consequences will be meted out in very adequate measure.

I think what gets to me the most is when I watch and listen to the stories of people like the three in the “13 Hours” video above. These are men that put loyalty to other human beings before their own lives, even despite the wrestling they obviously have with the politics in play for why they’re even there in the first place. While VP Biden’s grief may truly have been very real and very deep with his son’s death, there is a part of me that simply cannot reconcile being asked (as a nation) to “give him the time he needs” to make his decision regarding a run for the presidency. The entire nation was asked to patiently wait for that anti-climactic announcement that his “window is now closed.” Yet the grief of those close to the four dead in Benghazi, and the real-life consequences few will ever know about for those that were there and lived after putting their lives on the line (no greater love …), are of no consequence whatever for those in “the echelons of power.” That is true evil; a sign of an absence of humanity. Yet the 50%+ keep putting them in office to rule and reign over us.