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As I fully expected, the hearings were so politically charged that what should have been the real purpose simply could not have occurred.

Then tonight I watched something I had only seen the very beginning of quite a while ago (perhaps a year). Something prevented me from watching all but the first few minutes the first time, but I watched it all the way through this time. It about broke my heart. If anyone has not seen it, it’s an hour long interview by Bret Baier of Fox News, of three of the surviving members of the CIA annex who were with the two that were killed (Doherty and Woods) – and well worth watching. It’s emotional, and goes to a level few ever see. My heart ached most of the way through it, mostly because of what these men endured and are still enduring, but also very much because of the indifference of the politicians that sat there the past couple of days arguing and even screaming at each other to make political points, and particularly to either “unseat” Hillary Clinton, or save here. There was mere lip service, in my opinion (with few exceptions), to the hell that existed on the ground on 11 September 2012 in Benghazi.

If you haven’t seen it an want to, here is the full program (46 minutes and worth all of it):

I think the discussion of the politicians (43:05 in the video) is part of the most heart breaking aspect of it all. Hillary Clinton claiming she’s lost more sleep over this than any of the committee members was such a pile of Bovine Sierra. I suspect few have lost much sleep over it – other than worrying about how they can play it politically. I largely think, as L Tec does, that Rep. Gowdy is sincere, but I’ve learned that one never knows for sure.

The other part that really, really got to me was the statement that absolutely contradicted Clinton’s and others’ testimony that NO one ever gave a stand down order. These guys are living witnesses that that statement is categorically false (starts at 6:35 – 10:56 of the video). They had to wait nearly ½ hour before they finally bolted against their orders, and went to rescue the folks at the Consulate. At the end, all three strongly believed the outcome would have been different, and at least two of them stated that they’re certain they would have had a good chance of bringing Ambassador Stevens and the commo guy (Sean Smith) out alive. If Bret Baier could interview all three of these men (two others for whatever reason remain anonymous), then the Benghazi Committee could have interviewed them. If they were interviewed in the closed door hearings, perhaps some of the information about the real mission there, the reported meeting between Stevens and the Turkish Consul General, and other related aspects DID come out, but at least some of that could certainly made it to the general public – after all, they do work for us, don’t they? We voted them in, didn’t “we?”