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Hey Skidmark – no problems with the hands. They aren’t ‘pretty’ – if the arthritis hasn’t done it’s job, working a small farm with animals with the thin skin that comes with age surely has. Ha! What’s nail polish again? All John Deere and Duck Commander, Ford hats are legitimately well worn and filthy. Gloves ditto. This is a good lesson you point out for others to heed.

The makeup ‘kit’ is more for the difference in, that although I do have ‘some’ facial’ hair mud won’t go far in helping me disguise that convincingly in a daylight situation – Make me look like one of the great unwashed for sure, but I am counting on my location to provide a bit of a buffer from that so it’s the from a distance the impression is not of a female: and, on closer inspection it’s as convincing as possible. And, yeah ok, it’s a girl thing but I just would rather not try to work with mud and grease on my face to achieve the effect – do enough of that already.

Your a wise, thoughtful guy. Thanks!