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Sometimes we tend to forget that, relatively speaking, those of us here in the US still have it far better than so many others around the world. Some may find it corny, some perhaps even offensive (I hope not), but perhaps some specific prayers for our friends elsewhere might be in order, even while we’re praying for our own well being. (I’m not advocating printed prayers openly here of course, just personal and private ones. I’m personally going to keep that more in the forefront of my mind so I don’t forget others with whom I would not want to trade places.)

Leopard, If you can find it on line for little cost, I’d recommend a wonderful little (literally) book by a Native American author, Joseph M. Marshall III, titled Keep Going – The Art of Perseverance. Amazon has it for as little as 1¢ + shipping in used copies (I got one of those and was very pleased), though I don’t know what shipping might be to you. It is unlike most “self help” books with similar titles. If it doesn’t happen to “grab” you right away, keep reading. It could probably be read in a day even by a relatively slow reader. I personally found it to be exceptionally helpful in reducing worry, keeping a more positive outlook, and bringing peace. Knowing what Native Americans have endured through the centuries, and being familiar with some of this author’s other work, I was able to quickly appreciate the contents – and it got better the further I got. It gives new meaning (literally) to the concept of just taking one more step. The author is a master at Native American story telling, so the concepts sink in deeper rather than just consciously processing “advice” as in so many “self help” books.