Hi, Robin
I think about you guys at SHTF School every day. All the stuff Selco teach us and what I learn on this forum goes through my mind. The solar panels, gardening, water pumps.From the horrible stuff happening in my area – all the signs of the economy falling apart, how people simply do not want to believe that our world could change to no water no food no electricity and a lot more violence. I’ve been trying to get out of the city, getting to know other areas. All the protest has been keeping me away from areas where I was supposed to do business. It is as if I must plan my routes more and more carefully.

I am battling to sleep well at night and too much to do during the day. (It is not that easy to be a single woman) I talk to friends and they will say things like “But you will be ok – you have a strong mind. You can cope with all this stress, running a business on you own.” Inside I want to scream…. It’s not fine. Everything could change. Someone might kill my dog tonight, break into my house and kill me in front of my child. I might not be able to keep my business going and my clients might not be able to afford my fees much longer. I might be on my own when SHTF trying to get out of the city. With not enough rain my vegetable garden goes dry when I go away for a few days. To keep things alive is hard work! ….. But I keep quiet… I just smile and say Thank you