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Its a stroke , dog and pony show to make us think they are actually attempting to do something .

I think Rep. Gowdy wants to get the truth, but he only has faint support from the Repugs on the committee, and serious opposition from the Dems, who want to cover for the Dragon Lady. Trying to get truth from someone in whose mouth it won’t fit, is at best, a waste of time. But as GeorgiaSaint hints with his questions, I also think that anyone who wants to understand the truth, and pays attention, can figure out the basic deal, for whatever good that may do.

Somewhere over 50% of the voters in this country will always vote for whomever promises to steal for them the biggest slice of their neighbor’s pie, blissfully ignoring that they are everybody else’s “neighbor.” If The Hildabeast can’t out-promise The Donald (or whomever else the Repugs might nominate) it could only mean she’d lost her tongue.

Cry, "Treason!"