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Farage is the leader of UKIP, he’s a racist bigot.

Not previously being familiar with him, I can’t comment either way. One thing I do like doing when I read something on the internet (or anywhere else, actually), is get verification of it if it’s of any potential interest and value to me. If he is indeed a “racist bigot,” I could then potentially filter his words, as necessary, with that knowledge.

I’m wondering if you can provide some reasonably solid evidence of him being a racist bigot. He may well be, I just like to know what I’m basing my own assessments on. And since it appears that you’ve never posted here before (assuming I’m understanding how to use this board correctly), I’ve got no history from you on which to base an assessment of your assessment. So some background on Mr. Farage to support your statement would be very helpful.

I also agree with Whirlibird. Just because someone may be a racist bigot doesn’t mean every one of his views is worthless. I thought Bill Cosby was a brilliant comedian, and remember seeing him live one evening about 30 years ago. I could hardly breathe, I was laughing so hard. It now appears the man is one very sick person that uses human beings without their permission to gratify his own desires. While I’d have a hard time listening to him in the same way ever again as a comedian, that doesn’t change the fact that what he produced was brilliant comedy.