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Tuffhorse – you are so fortunate! Usually here in my part of mid-atlantic we get at least 2 sometimes 3 cuttings but last year the weather was so screwy all over the place that the farmers were late to get the 1st cut and up due to wet then the heat and mini-drought. Square bales going for $8 a pop here and rounders of that size, if you don’t have to get ‘em brought down from PA are about $70. As long as a longer drought doesn’t come up during spring/summer I’m okay into late fall. The winter I need a better plan I think!

Anything to be done about your pastures or just amount of horses? I figure I can turn them out next week or two and, thankfully, be done with the issue. Was a long, unusually cold, snowy winter here. Done with it! Have to bay quarter horses and a draft/hanovarian training to pull wagon/cart right now.