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If they take them in , they shoud say ” women and children ONLY ” and turn the men away , go fight for your countries stability , then recall your family when its over .

That makes way too much sense to cause disproportionate $$ and power for those whose great ideas were the EU, ISIS, the wars, and the wave of “refugee” muslim warriors.

in order … to be in the EU , each nation gives up its sovereignty , what we are seeing is the collapse and failure of another form of Communism .

All of these various political/trade organizations and pacts are instances of the rich and powerful getting the governments they’ve paid for, to set up laws and treaties to get them more $$ and power, though the path is sometimes complicated. Once they have everyone else at a disadvantage, enough is never enough. Eventually, they’ll want all the oxygen, too. Political jazz like “communism,” “socialism,” “fascism,” “democracy,” even “islam,” is just a kind of sales campaign to fool the people for long enough to get the initial control. After that, what those terms mean currently and locally, is whatever those with the power (read: guns) say they mean. For some psychopaths, the discovery that they are not the Supreme Power of the Universe, drives them to fake it.

Cry, "Treason!"