As I watch that problem they are having , all I see are a bunch of able bodied “men” that wont fight for their country . If they take them in , they shoud say ” women and children ONLY ” and turn the men away , go fight for your countries stability , then recall your family when its over . Thats exactly what a lot of the Chechens did , the men stayed to fight , and sent their families to a safer place . THink about it , most of the refugee / immigrant problems in a country can be solved by only allowing women and children into the country . THen they have no choice but to mix with the men in the adopted country , and adopt their customs and habits . Forced assimilation . There was a reason why in warfare of the ancient world , a conquerer would sometimes slaughter the male population , regardless of age . THey did that because it works . I’m not suggesting they do that in modern day , but it accomplishes the same thing by not allowing them in . Other than that , I would suggest land mines and bunkers at this point . The reason WHY they are having the problem and cant control it , is that in order for you to be in the EU , each nation gives up its sovereignty , what we are seeing is the collapse and failure of another form of Communism .

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