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Conspiracy Theory Alert:

I can understand how the oil-sheikhs pay to grease the skids for the acceptance of muslims in western nations, but for all the petro-cash they can shell out, it still doesn’t fully explain how those nations have essentially rolled over to take in any and all who can travel. The mass-movement of hordes of muslim “refugees” couldn’t be sold as life-saving or “necessary” absent the turmoil brought about by wholesale overturning of relatively stable (albeit brutal) dictatorships, and the creation of al Quaeda and ISIS by the US and its lackey “coalition.” Further, most of the European nations are accepting levels of “refugees” (soon to be “immigrants”) that both their governments and their citizens clearly understand will soon overwhelm not only the welfare and healthcare systems they are forced to support, as prelude to overwhelming the domestic population itself.

Most governments, however willing they are to aggressively tax their citizens to provide themselves with the “good life,” are ordinarily unwilling to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. So why are they, in the name of charity, turning their nations over to the soldiers of Allah? Could it be that a larger, better coordinated plot is being played out? Might there be a “coalition” of the über-wealthy, — the ones who choose the candidates for whom the proles get to vote — who see the muslims as the only (or, at least, the best) tool to use for bringing the rest of the world to heel, before being finally exterminated themselves, in a world once again profitably engaged in war?

Not that the major commie powers have totally given up “the dream,” but Russia and China both understand how screwed up the world could become in global thermonuclear war, and for all their occasional bluster, seem to have lost their zeal for that path to world domination, and the West is currently self-demolishing. But they have their own problems with muslims as well. Further, as bad as the Communists, Fascists, Nazis, etc., were/are, I contend those who understand the kind of monsters they are, yet choose to help them rise to power and sophisticated weaponry, are worse. A monster is what he/she is — immoral/amoral — who knows why? But someone who realizes that the monster is, in fact, a monster, yet for calculated advantage, chooses to fund him/her to prey on the innocent — is such a person not worse? I don’t fully comprehend, but I believe they exist, and that they cooperate with others of their kind, to provide the $$ and publicity to help sundry nation-destroying monsters rise to power — present occupant of the national executive residence, for example, included.

Cry, "Treason!"

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