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Sitting in a waiting room today while my wife had an appt. I read the latest issue of Time magazine. It was primarily a series of short articles about different aspects of the European refugee crisis. Talk about biased reporting. One article was about how great this was going to be for their economy. Most of the photos included young children. Whereas most Muslims from the Arab world are brown-eyed and don’t look especially Northern European, the close up photos had more blue and green eyed refugees than statistically occurs, making them look more European. A chart stated that half the refugees were children without defining how they came to that conclusion. Maybe they consider childhood as extending to age 25 or 30. Another article is about Germans taking refugees into their homes and what a great experience it has been. The articles avoid altogether the spike in robberies, assaults, and rapes that has accompanied this influx of young Muslim men, nor does it discuss the overall difficulty in getting Muslims to assimilate in Western cultures.