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We stopped taking flu shots many years ago, and began using homeopathic influenzinum 9C from Boiron (recommend waiting until the current year’s strain is present). Before you laugh, consider the following.

I was THE biggest skeptic – no, mocker – of homeopathy 30 years ago. One night after a particularly difficult week, I needed some humor in my life. I read that a local health food store was presenting a lecture on homeopathy one evening. I decided I could use a good laugh, and literally, that was my reason for going. I was not disappointed. The presenter was one really weird dude! I was polite and did not disrupt it, but sat there laughing inside (on the back row), wondering how seemingly intelligent people could buy into such cr@p.

Then he said a couple of things I can no longer recall specifically that caught my attention, and caused me to go, “Hmmmm!” I listened with a bit less laughter. There is a very long history of learning (including much misinformation, unfortunately, from within the homeopathy “community” which isn’t very united) between then and now. Suffice it to say, we were briefly fortunate enough to be able to work with one of the few truly advanced homeopaths in the United States for several months last year. The results for both of us have been nothing less than astounding, leaving more than one MD shaking his or her head – not in disbelief, but just at a loss for words.

Things that we’ve experienced as a result of homeopathy in the past several years simply cannot be explained by placebo effect. I’ll just leave it at the fact that since we began using homeoprophylaxis for flu (the alternative for flu shots), we have avoided the flu entirely – despite much exposure while I was still working, and at church every Sunday, as examples. I’ll not go into detail here, due to space and the likelihood that many won’t be particularly interested anyway. But if anyone is interested, just PM me and I’ll be happy to provide a very inexpensive source (better than Amazon, and selling the 2016 flu season product from Boiron – we’ve used them for years and found them to be the least expensive). I can also share some of the most frequently used “protocols” for taking the influenzinum remedy (we’ve used the same one for years with either incredible luck, or great success).