Robin ,
No matter what scenario you use about war over here , ” its gunna get ugly ” is an understatement . Selco , pretty much described the prevailing situation here on this forum , which is that in any case , our fellow citizen will be our biggest threat on a day to day basis .

I was thinking about this just yesterday , and thought that for everyday people , the best situation would be what I call ” structured anarchy ” . Best example of this is the Roman civil wars , specifically the period starting with Caesar in Gaul , to Octavian ( Augustus ) becoming the first Emperor . There were three civil wars in quick succession , Caesar vs Pompey , Octavian and Antony vs Brutus and Cassius , Octavian and Agrippa vs Antony and Cleopatra . There was chaos at the top , but things for the average Roman changed very little , except where the fighting actually took place . That wont happen here , but for common people , it would be the best situation .