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Hi1974t150v- Thanks for your help and consideration of my problem and things you are pointing out. It is hard for me, not having been in the service, to think ‘tactically’. I have hunting experience but that’s a bit different.

Sounds like you have thought this thru a few times. Yeah – waking up with a stranger in your room once is enough for me
Evaluate your manpower requirements to secure the property. This I have to figure out how to allocate. Niece married in to a really big, long-time local family of mostly young men(well to me) -all are excellent marksman/hunters/woodsman – but a bit rowdy at times. Not sure really the basics of figuring that out yet. Do know if I don’t have a plan they’ll be roaming around on their electric ATV’s waving their guns or something ’cause they think that will be fun! Well, that’s an exaggeration perhaps….they do all regularly practice their stealth/quiet movement skills for all the hunting they do. None have been in the military)

It seems to me that you and your neighbors will need sentries to keep wandering souls from this vantage point.. You will not want someone up there studying your property with the intent of taking it from you. The elevation above your house is a great tactical advantage. If you haven’t done so invest in good radios for communicating with each other. Dwellings that are not in view of each other (oh good…didn’t realize/think…they are) are tactically difficult to defend with mutual fire.

Does this hill over look your neighbors as well? Yes, there homes are on the small section of road leading up to it.

Personally I have a load of problems with neighbors and a man power shortage. – Sorry to hear that because I have been there. But things can and do change – hopefully this will too.