“It does raise the question; what would a war in the US be like?”
I don’t believe that war would break out all over the US. Local problems (city, county, state) would escalate into a full regional conflict. Economical collapse, racial riots, full confiscation of weapons and specific actions by the Federal Government would trigger the problems.
Would the onset be sudden, slow or unseen is my concern. I have group members in the local government emergency response field. They would be the first in our county to get a heads up by the state or federal government that something was happening elsewhere or planned for this area. I also have members in law enforcement.
As things stand now our group would not pull the triggers and bug out. We would fall back to our own residences for the initial impact. Then we would move to the bug out location. Exactly when this would happen is fluid. All members are HAMs or have been given radios to monitor.
If the single bug out location is not needed or compromised we would fall back to each others location. This location would be driven by actions of others in our area.
We planned to be fluid in our actions but have set “triggers” that would put things into motion.