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Yes, it really is sad. One more very neat, good thing hijacked for serious misuse. Many can say they’ve got nothing to hide, and I’m in that group. But unlike many who use that phrase, I’m not willing to open the doors and windows and have an open house for any and everybody that wants to come through and peek in every closet, drawer, cabinet, book shelf, bank account record, etc. I grudgingly give up some privacy by using some of the modern conveniences, but limit many of them that others don’t even think about. No “social media” (unless this counts), much computer protection, refusal of many (most) apps on my phone, wi-fi and blue tooth are normally “off” on my phone, location tracking is “off” (other than the obvious cell tower tracking capability we can’t avoid), etc. And I really did want to do the DNA testing for genealogy purposes. We were very close to doing it when it first became available, but my internal “caution” light started blinking and I did some research. Ooops! I know too much about relational databases and how they can be used, and just what NoSuchAgency can do with that building complex out south of Salt Lake City, as it sucks their power and water all day and night. Most folks don’t have a clue, or don’t care. And they aren’t even waking up after all the data breaches. Duh! Even the CIA director’s private email got hacked, according to the news today. Beyond the government(s), there are just too many people that consider it sport to ruin peoples’ lives in public, so they hack whatever they can just looking for stuff. It’s like the drone “pilots” stationed in the US that play video games on our soil, not at all emotionally connected to the human lives they snuff out halfway around the world – sometimes in the dozens at once (often wives, children, other innocents). “Ooops – missed one! But at least those ones won’t breed, hah hah! Oh well, I’ll get him next time.”

I need to get off this soapbox. Sorry. Personal privacy and increasing lack of any soul on the parts of so many is just a very sore issue for me.