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… one thing that he does have wrong is saying that our food comes from other countries. The US is a net food exporter, not importer.

I’ll trust that you have stats on that, and probably overall it’s accurate on a poundage or number of items basis (and depending on whether they’re including all the corn and soy raised for livestock). But when I go into a grocery store and see almost all fish now coming from somewhere outside the US, as well as many canned goods, it has me substantially worried. And I’ve seen more than one article about chicken (I think it was) for example, that’s raised here, but shipped to China for processing and packaging, I get more than a little bit antsy. Even ruling out (and I don’t entirely) food sabotage by the Chinese, their record on basic food safety and hygiene is below abysmal. And even in the US, most fish is “farm raised.” I’m not at all comfortable with that.

We’ve finally gotten back into growing more and more of our own veggies. And in town, there is a local market on Saturdays where a fair amount of not only locally grown but even fresh organic food is available – and it really IS fresh. While we’re now on fixed income and have to be cautious, we purchase as much locally grown, and organic (preferably NOT foreign “organic”), and free range stuff as we can (we’re still meat eaters, though much less than in years past). Raw milk for human consumption is not legal for sale in our state, but we’re near enough to a neighboring state that we could potentially go over there to get some. However we haven’t found a source we’re comfortable with over there. The only raw milk you can legally buy in our state is for pets. At $8.00/gallon, you have to have a lot of pets to make it worth it, but it sure does beat anything purchased in the stores – so our pets tell us anyway.

And even if we do have a net export of food from the US, we’re SOL if the supply chains break down. Heck – an ice storm hit this area (most of the state) several years back, and the local grocery store shelves were indeed EMPTY in large sections. Produce? Forget it. Milk? Forget it. Paper products (especially toilet paper due to the panic), and a lot of other things? Forget it. And the trucks simply couldn’t get through to resupply the local stores for just a few days. You’d think WWIII had hit!

Anyway, the topic was Hillary’s gun buy back, as I recall. And this is just one possible scenario that we may very well see as a result of that little plan getting short stubby legs and learning how to run (even if only slowly at first). Gonna be interestin’ to say the least. If it was a TV docu-drama, it would be downright fascinating..