Here is the thing , while the internet still exists , its not that hard to find other sources for news . I like RT , and some of the other European media . Like any media , you do have to take into account what bias they may have in whatever country they are in , but a person can get a general feeling from all of them . The sad thing to me is that our media is so blatantly bought and paid for , that most everything is a lie , and few people make the attempt to look elsewhere . RT , UKIP ( actually a conservative political party in the UK , but they do news as well ) and others are worth looking at . Free thought is what helps keep free men free . I do watch the real Russian news , it is slanted , but not as much as you might think , there is actually more news value in it than ours , by far . Even biased information is useful , it tells you how a nation feels about us , an issue , and WHY they think that , something we as a people need in order to understand what is really going on , rather than just what our view is . Evil men fear questions , its as simple as that .
GS , as you and everyone knows , there is not one person in this country that feels secure . The reasons to why they dont are many , but people fear for the immediate future , both libs and conservatives , that is an unhealthy atmosphere for a nation , something is , and dare I say , has to happen at this point . good luck to us all