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Yep, been there, doing that for a while now. I have also learned just this year that I’m more heat sensitive than ever before. Doing yard work in 98-100° heat in the sun simply dehydrated me before this year. But this year it finally “got” to me while helping someone roof a house – almost had to be helped off the roof. That was a real blow to my ego. And through the rest of the summer, cutting the lawn (large lot) with a walk-behind but self-propelled mower was more of a chore than previous years. I attribute at least part of it to letting myself get out of shape last winter though, and don’t intend to play that game again this year.

By the way – homeopathic Arnica 6c or 9c once you come in, and again before bed, can be quite helpful. I still use ibuprofen when I really, really need it, but try to stay away from it as much as possible. If you can’t find Arnica 6c or 9c, 30c should work ok too. Just make sure you know how to use homeopathic remedies so they actually work for you (nothing in your mouth at least 15-30 minutes before, or at least 15 or so minutes afterward). And stay away from mints, including toothpaste. It MAY antidote some homeopathic remedies, but I don’t specifically know about Arnica. It’s a great remedy for bruises and overdoing it with muscles (some women swear by it just before and then after childbirth, but we didn’t know anything about homeopathy when my wife was having our kids so I don’t have first hand experience with that).