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For US older TV viewers, one might recall Jackie Gleason’s famous line: “One of these days, Alice …. One of these days ….”

I see this kind of thing being one of the potential triggers for the final breakdown. Here’s one of the better explanations I’ve seen in one spot (other than here in the Forum, where everyone pretty well understands what’s coming, how, and why). The only real question is “when,” and then just for academic “fun,” which event will it be that triggers it?


One might think the author has been reading our pages – he’s got the sudden prescription withdrawal, the move out of the cities and attacks by rural folks that don’t want those city rick folks coming out to their areas, the currency collapse, potential disease, etc. The scenarios are pretty well known to us here, but I thought it would still be of interest. Sad, that it has to come from Russian State-sponsored media, and ours is totally ignoring the subject, and our government goes a step further and calls anyone that subscribes to this line of thinking a “radical right wing threat” worthy of extinction. It’s really bad when RT has a better perspective than ABCNBCCBSCNNPBSFOX.