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Any full size horse would be better then a shovel and a hoe. I had a friend in Maine that owned 2 riding horses, we used one for logging . The horse could pull a 10″ or 12″ diameter log 10′-12′ long like it was child’s play. This horse pulled a single bottom plow as well. He wasn’t the best to work with because he didn’t have a slow easy start. Twitch the reins and bang off you go at a jog behind him instead of fetching up nice and slow. I had a close call with him as he took off with a log and I caught my foot in a root. The log slid by pressing on my shin. I still have a slight dent in my shin from the abrasion.

The ground implements I bought for my garden tractor can be converted to horse drawn without to much fuss. It’s one of the reasons I bought them instead of a rototiller.

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