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I wish I had a copy of the video, but can’t find it. I personally heard Hillary speak at an elementary school years ago, talking about gun violence. A young girl said (approximately), “I wish we could take away the guns from EVERYbody.” Clinton’s chilling response was, “That’s what I wish too, honey.” (or very close equivalent meaning exactly the same thing)

There is no question about her agenda. And with Sanders and O’Malley effectively handing her the nomination (IF Biden doesn’t get in – I suspect he will, but that’s a whole ‘nother theory), that’s what we’ll have to deal with assuming the Republicans don’t win the White House.

(My prediction? A Biden-Warren ticket, following which Biden abdicates the office shortly after being sworn in, and Warren, as the new President, appoints her good friend Bernie Sanders as her VP to finish out almost all of the remaining four years.)

It’s likely just a matter of time before everyone in the US is faced with an Australia situation – mandatory buy back (we see how well that worked with the assassination of the police employee two weeks ago in Sydney).