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Well it’s not very hard to do. Take out the funky crooked trees, trees with multiple trunks and big Ys. Thin out the thickets of younger trees to allow more light and space around individual trees.

Leave the straight well formed trees with healthy crowns. Take out trees with damaged unhealthy crowns and dead wood hanging in the air. Remove the mature trees that have stopped growing. The crowns will be filled with dead limbs. If there are trees without a lot of practical use remove those.

A 4×4 truck can pull out logs. A 1/2″or 3/8″ steel cable walked onto the woods and fastened to the log will allow pulling tree length logs out without cutting a path for the truck. A stout winch can be a great aid as well.

Never pull a log out by rolling out on loose cable and jerking the slack. Make sure the butt end won’t hang up on a stump, rock or tree. Pull slow and easy. Do not work in the woods alone!