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For the past five years we have been growing potatoes in raised beds with great success. This next year I am going to get some different types to plant out in some of the open field I will be turning over. It will be interesting how much we will be able to harvest.

As for other gardening I have found corn it too labor intensive for what you get. If I were to plant a bunch of it then it would be not only for the corn but also for livestock feed, but it takes up a lot of room. Squash of all types will just about grow by itself. Beans are great so long as you don’t have gophers. We would plant four rows to harvest one. With raised beds we harvested about 200 pounds in the same space. Peppers and onions also take pretty little amount of time. So long as you have heat then you can grow tomatoes. We haven’t had enough until this year. In the past it was always the small ones. This next year it will only be heirloom ones for canning.

Regarding preparing the garden whenever one area of the garden is completed I clear it out. I then have it prepped and ready to plant. I always have a bunch of compost and planting material in reserve. This year I plan on prepping and setting up about another ½ acre which will be in reserve for the future. I cannot imagine having to prep everything by hand. So for the time being I will cheat and do as much as I can with tractors for now……..

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