Haven’t been in three years now, since my last table.
Deals, that really varied even then.
I had a stack of Glock 22s one show, $285 out the door with three mags.
Cosmetic flaws but mechanically perfect and I had resprung them all.
Couldn’t give them away.

Three weeks later, 25 G17s went before noon at $350.

Another show, 12 Model 10 Smiths at $185-225. Again, went through every one fixing them all before they hit the table, tight and right.
Went home with 4.

There’s no telling what and where.
One friend just grabbed s BM59 built on a Garand receiver for the price of the parts kit. Crude conversion but it runs perfect.

Retail? Thats one benefit to having an FFL.
At least for my friends.