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Tolik, I think it is human nature to suffer from normalcy bias to the point that people are just blind to their real situation. It is much easier to see the faults from afar. I will admit that I am amazed at how even survivalists relocate to places with water scarcity or that are subject to wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes etc. On the water issue, I shake my head when I read comments about areas having plenty of water despite crops needing irrigation or that the water comes from far away reservoirs or there are convoluted laws defining who has rights to what water. If things don’t stay green throughout the summer due to rainfall or if the water is further away than you’d be comfortable carrying it, maybe the water situation isn’t so good after all. People as well don’t think about climate. Without modern infrastructure, post-SHTF the deep south lowlands and coastal plains will see a return of the tropical diseases that were part of life long ago. Yesterday a prepper friend of mine from the Adirondacks in NY came by. His stepson lives in Brooklyn and would not even consider relocating to my friend’s place on account he doesn’t like being out in the countryside. My friend expects that when things start to fall apart, the stepson will stay in Brooklyn waiting for a return to normalcy, until it is too late to safely get out of the city let alone make his way all the way up to the Adirondacks.