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From the article:

Other teachers have threatened to leave, but have not followed through as of yet. He told the American-Statesman he doesn’t believe teachers will leave in droves, but added the new law doesn’t make Texas an attractive school to prospective teachers.

Oh, come on now, all you liberal, gun-grabbing “teachers.” Put up or shut up. And if it “doesn’t make Texas an attractive school to prospective teachers,” all the better to hire the few left that DO understand the Constitution and all it embodies. Reminds me of all the liberals that vowed to leave the US if Bush won the election. Only Pierre Salinger followed through on his promise and moved to Paris. He died there in 2004. Oh, that they ALL would follow through on their promises and meet the same fate on foreign shores! (Just don’t give them the same privilege afforded to Salinger, who was returned to the US to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Talk about desecration of a sacred place!) Once gone, always gone!

Or – perhaps Texas will finally make good on its rumblings about seceding. Lived there once, could live there again under those circumstances. I’ll bet their population would not decrease one bit once they got rid of all the illegals from their new country. They’d all be replaced by immigrants requesting asylum from the other 56 states.