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[A]m I correct that though many gun owners eventually got their guns back that nobody was actually held accountable for these illegal seizures and that compensation was never paid for those violations?

I have seen too many videos where they said they never got them back, and have never seen anything about compensation. You’d think the gun grabbers would try to pacify at least some of those that don’t already know what’s going on by stressing how mistakes were made, but extraordinary efforts were then made to correct those mistakes through return of weapons, compensation, inability to find those from whom weapons were taken due to relocation, yada, yada, yada. I’ve heard absolutely zero along those lines, though I admit I haven’t done extremely thorough searches on the subject. Still, I would be shocked, based on what we do seem to know, to find out everything was made right or at least widespread attempts were made to do so. Note the statement in one of the videos (or maybe it was one of several I reviewed last night again, two of which are posted below – can’t remember) in which the narrator stated he’d spoken with someone in LE that reluctantly admitted that the “nice ones” went into the hands of the confiscators, and the not so nice ones went into the lake or canals (almost his direct quote). I think that’s evidence enough.

My wife and I found ourselves, upon watching a follow up video of the old woman that was battered by the Los Angeles cops (first one below), wishing some group had stepped forward and done a pro bono case for her to sue the snot out of everyone involved in her case for violation of civil liberties, terrorism, assault and battery, theft, and anything else they could come up with. But no – the “authorities in NOLA got away with horrible criminal activity, and no one pursued it. People should have gone to jail for a long, long time, and to my knowledge, no one ever did. I simply cannot fathom how LE people could do what was done in NOLA, such as what was done to Patricia Konie (the old woman).

And the more that gets circulated (and similar videos), the more people will indeed learn the ” lesson to hide them in the future and not be forthcoming to authorities in such a situation.” You got THAT right! It’s a lesson the nation needs to learn, not just the folks in NOLA.

I’m posting two more videos below that follow on from the NRA video. The first is the follow up on Patricia Konie, and the second is the experience of a bar owner in NOLA. It’s just sickening.

In reference to the title of Whirlibird’s thread title: “Strong cities my @$$!” What a great ironic title for the program to further strengthen governments over people.

Oh – and for Whirlibird and at least one other person here in the Forum, I knew that one graphic would bring a smile to your faces when you saw the ST origin, particularly.

And finally, if it really gets bad, bad, bad, I fully agree with Whirlibird. The group training won’t be in place, the coordination won’t be possible in most cases (just spotty small groups here and there). I’ve long believed Iraq and Afghanistan will be the models for what we’d be seeing, not a large armed uprising by finally P.O.’d NRA members. An old (literally), revered individual on another forum spoke regularly about the “Committee of One.” Amen.