Another thing to take into consideration , and this could be critical . What are the over all conditions of the state and area in which you live ? The Southwest is screwed , although down there , the Nazi’s are going to also
have to deal with things coming from Mexico as well as the local population , it will take a lot of man power . Ask what does the land provide as far as resources vs population density , road system , sustained cover , water , weather may be a considerable factor for anything you attempt , etc.
More remote / less populated states may be more difficult to get started initially , because of the lack of product and service availability , but may be better for a long haul . Get to know your area well . I plan to do just that in short order . Maine for example : 35000 sq miles , 90% of it forrest , over 230 miles of coastline , only borders one other state , low population , being near Canada may be a benefit . Alaska would be another tough nut to crack just living there , but a person could fade away fairly well if needed , but they better know what they are doing , Maine is not too far off from that , just not as severe . THis is not PC , but it needs to be considered . What is the ethnic/racial makeup of your area ? Some groups of people are more prone to criminal activity than others , even in good times . That will tell you what dangers you may be facing daily , the authorities may be a much lesser concern .