The chances of getting enough people together to actually field a working force is almost laughable.
Outside of the military and LE, there are few who have had even minimal training or the comprehension of small unit tactics, let alone large.

Little Big Horn? Hardly.
Think Afghanistan.
Single snipers taking shots from nowhere.
Armed people everywhere. You don’t know who’s the bad guy or not.
Whos going to be packing an icepick rather than a gun.

GS: Was going to dig that pic up, you beat me to it.
Remember, aim for the 9.
Ya, its more points for dead center and its better art, but aiming for the 9 gets you an ear/jaw hit rather than the helmet.

For post-modern resistance, the ‘cell of one’ is the only logical answer.
No one to informmon you, you cannot give up someone else in case of capture.
This way no communications can be interrupted or discovered, no expectation or information passed along accidentally, etc.

For years, cells of three have existed, with only one member of each cell knowing only one from the next cell, and so on. That way if you get caught, you can at most only give away 4 people.

As far as burying items, its not a bad idea tonput a spare away, just in case.
Not the whole collection though.

There’s a long history of buried supplies, the Finns are still uncovering bunkers filled with captured gear, the VC and NVA were masters, the Germans to some extent but not to the level of the Finns or other oppressed groups.
The South Africans are still dealing with guns buried during the Border War which ended over 20 years ago.

More to follow.