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I just figure the TPTB will unintentionally signal everyone that’s has learned to inter[pret] the “News”

Yes, those that have ears to hear, eyes to see, and brains trained through years of experience to understand …. And one would hope that 21st century plans by those folks will come to fruition, unlike those of the Germans mentioned by Tolik, whose plans did not. Certainly this cause is more just. I believe we have an incomplete historical record, however, with respect to Patrick Henry. I believe he made his famous statement that all school kids used to have to memorize, but I believe history left off the other half of his quote, which Tolik accurately added back into the mix (the part about taking two or three with him so he’d have done his part).

This is not to diminish anything Selco has taught about staying in the shadows, avoiding confrontation where possible, and preserving one’s life and the lives of those one cares about. To some point, I agree. Those that chose, for example, to remain in their homes during and after Katrina, and just mind their own business, I have no quarrel with . Things change when authorities, charged with protection of the people, become the oppressors, and in the name of the law, seek to obliterate fundamental rights and liberties. That’s when Patrick Henry kicks in, including the 2nd half of his famous quote – the part Tolik had to re-supply to the historical record. This is certainly no sissies’ game, yet sadly so few even recognize that such a conversation even needs to take place.