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This is a related follow-up sort of. I was working in the Town Hall today with the other two Listers and some guy who had come in to pay his taxes stopped to talk to the other two Listers who he apparently knew. Turned out he was the County Sheriff. I had never met him and didn’t even know he lived in my town. I missed the beginning of the conversation because I was taking care of a request and so when I joined in I didn’t realize that it was the deputy assigned to our town that they were talking about. The Sheriff was telling the story of how he had mistakenly shot two deer one day. Anyway he calls the game warden to report what he did and the game warden and another guy come straight out to investigate. Afterwards the game warden tells the Sheriff that the guy that was with them is someone he should hire. Subsequently the Sheriff does contact him and offers him (the deputy now assigned to our town) a job. The guy asks him don’t you want to interview me first? The Sheriff says, you already had your interview that day in the woods. The Sheriff then tells us that the guy had excellent people skills, did a thorough job gathering the facts of what happened and analyzing them, and then came to a reasoned conclusion. He said that’s what he wants in his deputies but it is getting increasingly hard to find those characteristics. He said too many young guys have a chip on their shoulder or are looking for power. He said he doesn’t want people who are eager to write lots of tickets or be arresting people but rather people who will instead seek to resolve the problem and show respect for the public. I don’t know the Sheriff’s political views but I decided right then and there that I like my County Sheriff. Most likely he is conservative given this is a pretty Republican area. I already knew I liked the Deputy from my interactions with him when he stops by the Town Hall.

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